Our Solution

    Real ERP, FUNERO is a web-based software application designed for the funeral world. Free of any operating system, available anywhere at anytime, on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) through a secure connection.

    Deceased Files

    A simplified management of your files with access to the address book allows you to get back all the information of your contacts and places. A current list made available.


    Create your own documents and translated into several languages following your deceaded cases. Any change will be filled in the documents automatically.

    Invoicing and Accounting

    Make easily your offers, orders and invoices for one or more companies. Send them to your accounting software with one click.


    At a glance, dashboard follows in real time your business activities. You edit your own advanced reporting.

    Tasks and Checking

    Plan each task and inform your contributors. Make sure the tasks have been performed. Improve your service by estimating the time needed for each of them and controlling their progress.

    Time Saving

    Without any duplicate data entry, create your documents, offers, orders et invoices. Print or email them immediatly.


    Reach your workspace anywhere at anytime, on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) to symplify your daily operations.

    Display on Wall Screens

    Wall screens in front of your funeral rooms will keep family members, relatives and friends informed. Any modification on the death notice will be immediately updated on the screen.


    Your datas are constantly stored on our secure servers.

    Software Update

    Once the application installed, you will benefit of all updates without restricting access.


    You reach your workspace through an encrypted and secure connection . Our servers are constantly under monitoring

    Support et Training

    We help you to configure your workspace free of charge. You can rely on our support to start up and train your staff. Contact us.

    About us

    About us

    We are specialized in software dedicated to the funeral world.
    Our mission is to bring the best of technology to your industry.
    Members of our team with several years of experience offer you a powerful and easy to use tool.
    We are independent and do not belong to any funeral company.

    Our Team

    Christian DEVOS
    Christian DEVOS
    Operations and Office Manager.
    Pascal CORNET
    Pascal CORNET
    Sales Manager.
    Maurice HURDEBISE
    Maurice HURDEBISE
    Technical Manager.
    Marc DE VUYST
    Marc DE VUYST
    Account Manager.

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